OAP throws ‘acid’ in face of doctor and screams ‘Murderer, you killed my son’

'ACID' ATTACK: In a hospital waiting room (File photograph)

POLICE in Spain have arrested an 85-year-old man at a hospital in Valencia for throwing an ‘acid’ in the face of a retired doctor.

Screaming ‘Murderer, you have killed my son’ the pensioner threw a liquid in the face of the 72-year-old doctor.

It is believed the specialist had operated on the man’s son five years ago but he died after the operation.

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When police arrived at the scene, the officers found the suspect sitting in a chair in the waiting room.

They retrieved a bottle that contained a yellow liquid.

The retired doctor was left with ‘redness’ to the face.

It is alleged the attacker said, “What a pity not to have blinded him. That was my intention.”


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