WRITE ON: Celebrating the Day of the Journalist in Spain

STOP PRESS: Much has changed in the years since hot metal!

TODAY, January 24, marks the Dia del Periodista – the Day of the Journalist – in Spain but, rest assured, we won’t be taking a break from our keyboards to celebrate it!

Internationally the day is generally celebrated on September 8 – although many other countries also celebrate it on various dates that tie in with historically significant events in their own countries.

And why on January 24 in Spain?

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January 24 is the date that Pope Alexander VII canonised Saint Francisco de Sales in 1665.

Born in the Duchy of Savoy in 1567 he died at age 55 in 1622. He was famed for his communication skills through writing. He became a bishop of Geneva in 1599 and later he was a preacher in the pulpits of Paris between 1618 and 1619.

In 1923 Pope Pius XI designated Saint Francisco de Sales as the patron saint of journalists and writers.

Being a journalist today is very different from how it was just a few years ago. Now we are much more than writers.

Reporters must be all-rounders feeding copy to print publications and websites as well as being conversant with taking photographs, editing videos or managing social networks.


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