Man who filmed himself travelling at more than double the speed limit in Spain arrested

Guardia Civil
The car that caused all of the fuss

A YOUNG man in Cantabria has been identified as the driver of a vehicle which travelled at 272 km/h, due to a video which he uploaded onto social media.

In the recording, the 29-year-old showed the speedometer recording this high speed as he travelled on the A-23 towards Leon.

Officers were able to identify the man from images that appeared on Instagram and officers went to interview him.


They then discovered that not only was the car for sale, but the odometer had been altered (‘clocked’) so that it would appear to potential purchasers that the number of kilometres that the car had travelled were less than they were in reality.

The car has been impounded, the matter put before the court in Burgos and the offending video has been removed from the social network where it first appeared.


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