Politician jailed for destroying evidence

Hands tied: Granados (left) has been given a two-year sentence

AN EX-MADRID councillor has been jailed for two years, in the first sentencing in the Punic corruption case.

Francisco Granados, a former number two in Madrid´s Popular Party, was yesterday found guilty of destroying evidence and hiding money.

Civil Guard members Jose Manuel Roriguez Talamino and Jose Luis Caro Vinagre also received prison time – of two years and a year and a half respectively – for their part in the case, which saw 51 people arrested in October 2014.


The guard members alerted Granados to details of the investigation into his activities, before he destroyed evidence against him, with the help of his business partner David Marjaliza.

He went on to conceal funds abroad.

The national court also barred the trio from employment in public office for four years.

Police investigations involved wiretaps, which uncovered new aspects of the ongoing Punic investigation. 


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