Moroccan ‘migrant’ on boat arrested for Madrid murder in 2012

ARRESTED: 'Migrant' wanted for Madrid murder in 2012

NATIONAL POLICE officers in Algeciras have detained a Morrocan man wanted for murder.

He was found hiding on a boat carrying migrants that was intercepted by coastguards near Barbate in the Cadiz province of Andalucia in southern Spain.

Police investigations showed he was carrying false documents.


It alleged that he is wanted for the murder of an elderly gentleman who he strangled to death in Madrid in 2012 after robbing him of money and jewellery.

Authorities believe he fled back to Morocco after the crime but wanted to return to Spain and thought would go undetected in a boat carrying migrants.

Thirteen other similar crimes are being investigated where the Moroccan man used the ‘near naked choke’ which can cause temporary unconsciousness in a few seconds.


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