Belgium seeks prison details from Spain ahead of ex-Cataluña leader’s extradition hearing


SPAIN has sent a Belgian prosecutor details of the jail conditions former Cataluña leader, Carles Puigdemont,  and four ex-ministers would be held under if they are extradited from exile in Brussels to Madrid.

An international arrest warrant was issued by Spain alledging offences of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement.

The Interior Ministry confirmed that it has sent a document answering 14 questions and listing cell conditions, security guarantees, recreation, hygiene and food at the jails to which Puigdemont and his colleagues would be sent.

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Puigdemont would be sent to the Estremera prison near Madrid and would have a cell of his own with a shower and toilet, or he could share it with one of his ex-ministers.

The five would have access to their lawyers.

The prime ministers, Mariano Rajoy of Spain and Belgium’s  Charles Michel have already held talks ahead of the extradition court appearance in Brussels today (Friday).

Belgian government officials have previously said they can’t intervene in Spain’s extradition request since it’s up to the courts to make a decision.

Today’s court decision can still be appealed.


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