Police arrest suspected terrorist recruiter in Spain

National Police
Police preparing to raid the accused's home

A MAN has been arrested over suspected ties with Daesh in Valencia.

The 47-year-old would allegedly relay messages from the jihadi organisation to potential recruits and aid in sending them to conflict areas.

Police also found evidence directly linking the accused to a 26-year-old man who carried out a suicide attack in Iraq, killing 33 soldiers.


It is believed the deceased would often stay with the Moroccan man in his home in Sagunto where he was exposed to terrorist propaganda, converting him to extremist ideologies.

The accused also allegedly continued his recruitment efforts over the internet and would provide closely guarded Daesh files to potential recruits, meet up with them in secret and teach them how to hide their tracks online from authorities.

He was also described as anti-social, and would generally avoid contact with people who did not follow his religion and ideals.

Since 2015 when the Spanish Home Office raised the terror alert to four, authorities have arrested 206 jihadi terrorists in Spain.


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