Hungry Brits hold Ibiza holidaymaker’s phone ‘to ransom’ for a pizza

Daniel King/Facebook
HELD HOSTAGE: One of the photos sent by pranksters to Adam Fleming

TWO Britons working in Ibiza made the most of finding a fellow countryman’s mobile phone by holding it for ransom in exchange for a pizza.

Reiss White and Kelly-Anne Philipp discovered a lost phone in the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege Ibiza, and were able to get in touch with the owner, Adam Fleming.

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In return for giving the phone back, Adam agreed to bring them a meat feast from Pizza Hut.

The pranksters at this stage decide to include a series of warnings, including a picture of the mobile phone tied to a chair, and said the Samsung would ‘lose a button’ if he tried to bring a cheaper takeaway.

Message censored

©Daniel King/Facebook

When Adam tried to bargain – offering onion rings instead – the pair sent a photo of the dangling over a toilet to ‘show they meant business.’

Toilet Web Pic

©Daniel King/Facebook

The phone was spared a gruesome end when Mr Fleming delivered the pizza to the hungry seasonal workers fulfilling his end of the bargain.


©Daniel King/Facebook


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