Hungry Brits hold Ibiza holidaymaker’s phone ‘to ransom’ for a pizza

Daniel King/Facebook
HELD HOSTAGE: One of the photos sent by pranksters to Adam Fleming

TWO Britons working in Ibiza made the most of finding a fellow countryman’s mobile phone by holding it for ransom in exchange for a pizza.

Reiss White and Kelly-Anne Philipp discovered a lost phone in the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege Ibiza, and were able to get in touch with the owner, Adam Fleming.

In return for giving the phone back, Adam agreed to bring them a meat feast from Pizza Hut.


The pranksters at this stage decide to include a series of warnings, including a picture of the mobile phone tied to a chair, and said the Samsung would ‘lose a button’ if he tried to bring a cheaper takeaway.

Message censored

©Daniel King/Facebook

When Adam tried to bargain – offering onion rings instead – the pair sent a photo of the dangling over a toilet to ‘show they meant business.’

Toilet Web Pic

©Daniel King/Facebook

The phone was spared a gruesome end when Mr Fleming delivered the pizza to the hungry seasonal workers fulfilling his end of the bargain.


©Daniel King/Facebook


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