Spanish Defence Minister unimpressed with Atlético Madrid attack

La Moncloa flickr
María Dolores de Cospedal and Mariano Rajoy arriving in Albacete last Thursday

AFTER attending the National Day celebrations in Madrid and then flying with Prime Minister Mariano to Albacete following the crash which killed Captain Aybar, Defence Minister María Dolores de Cospedal needed a break.

Like many who live in Madrid, she and her family made the relatively short journey south to the Costa del Sol where they were spotted in a massively pro Partido Popular restaurant, Asador Guadalmina near Marbella watching Saturday’s big match.

Sitting with her husband and their two exceptionally well behaved young sons watching the match on a large screen, she confided that they were all supporting Atletico Madrid in their match against Barcelona and for the first 82 minutes their team was winning thanks to a first half goal by Saúl.


The partisan diners in the restaurant applauded every time Atletico Madrid came close to scoring or even when a Barcelona shot hit the post and with a massive restriction on the number of tickets sold to Barcelona fans because of fear of trouble it looked as if they would lose their unbeaten record until in the 82nd minute Luis Suárez scored.

With the final result a draw, the minister and her family were content with the outcome although they would have preferred to have seen the Madrid team emerge victorious. 


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