Costa del Sol residents outraged over dog mess

Several owners are actually leaving the waste bags on the street instead of finding a bin.

RESIDENTS of Riviera del Sol are outraged over dog owners’ refusal to clean up after their pets.        

Many dog owners are allowing their four-legged friends to do their business and then leave it right there on the pavement.

Even though there are plenty of bins around, it would seem that several dog walkers choose to leave the house without bags, although some even put thewaste in a bag and then leave it on the street.


John Saunders, a disgruntled resident who is originally from Kent, explained that although there are plenty of signs around asking owners to clean up after their dogs, they are often ignored.

John, who has owned a property in the neighbourhood for over 15 years but moved to Spain permanently when he retired two years ago,said that he had even caught a dog walker in the act and asked him to clean it up, but the Spanish owner confessed not to bringing any bags with him.

He also suggested that the local police should start fining people €20 if they are caught without doggy bags while taking their pet out for a walk.

“There have been a few occasions when I have nearly forgotten the bags so I have had to go back into the house to fetch them,” he said. “But I would be happy to pay the fine if I was stopped – it would certainly stop you from forgetting again.”

Although the area used to have bins specifically for dog excrement, the council soon took them away because locals were filling them with the wrong kind of waste.

The local police were unable to offer a solution to the problem when quizzed by the Euro Weekly News


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