WATCH: Spanish hotel opens ‘sanctuary’ for abandoned pool inflatables

DEFLATED: Only 28 per cent of holidaymakers take the inflatables home

A HOTEL in Mallorca has set up a  unique ‘sanctuary’ for blow-up pool toys that are left behind when holidaymakers return home.

A recent survey found that only 28 per cent of holidaymakers take the inflatables home. The rest are abandoned and left deflated.

But in a novel recycling scheme at the Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma hotel in Mallorca  newly-arriving guests can browse the abandoned inflatables at  and ‘adopt’ one for the duration of their stay.


The survey found, on average, holidaymakers purchase around one inflatable every year, with doughnut-shaped blow-ups being the most popular, while the traditional lilo is the second.

And it’s not just pool toys that are left behind.

Hotel rooms booking website surveyed 2,000 holidaymakers and found the Top 10 items most commonly left behind on holiday were:
1. Sun cream
2. Inflatables
3. Sunglasses
4. Toiletries (including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shower gel)
5. Magazines
6. After-sun
7. Novels
8. Goggles/snorkels
9. T-shirts
10. Towels



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