Catalan parliament defiant as referendum ballot box revealed

Catalan Government Twitter
Deputy First Minister Junqueras and colleagues unveiling the ballot box

DESPITE the ongoing seizure of ballot papers and ballot boxes, it became clear today (Friday) that the Catalan regime would not capitulate over the referendum.

At a press conference, Deputy First Minister Junqueras unveiled an example of the ballot box which is made from opaque plastic and said that there would be 2,315 polling stations in operation on Sunday, with sufficient staff to cope with the expected number of voters.

As far as he and his colleagues are concerned, neither they nor the people of the region were doing anything wrong by deciding to vote on their future.


Earlier in the day, there was media speculation that a Molotov cocktail had been thrown at a Guardia Civil station, but a spokesman for the Catalan police -the Mossos – stated that it was simply a piece of possibly military clothing that had been set fire to.

In order to ensure that nothing similar occurs, it was confirmed that a Mossos vehicle manned by two officers would be positioned outside each Guardia Civil building in the Central Region of Cataluña.


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