Leading newspaper by miles in Spain

Euro Weekly News - LEADING NEWSPAPER IN SPAIN: Steve Day, Managing Director, Oak Land Furniture

A GREAT paper and the leading newspaper by miles in Spain which attracts us 40 percent of our leads and sales.

In fact just taken an order for 10k from today’s edition in Alicante.

Not only is it the leading title by miles but the support from Michel Euesden has been immense.


She is a shining star in all sectors of life. Whilst others waffle, she gets out there and delivers results.

We poll our customers to request where our business comes from – for a news title the EWN is 83 percent higher return than any other newspaper in Spain for ex pats.

Talk is cheap but it’s the stats that count!

Michel herself is a born winner and when you run with a winner you win too!

Steve Day
Managing Director – Oak Land Furniture


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