105 people ‘poisoned’ by contaminated tuna in Spain

Guardia Civil
A pack of the suspect tuna

GUARDIA CIVIL officers are investigating seven people from a company in Almeria who are suspected of supplying contaminated tuna.

There was an outbreak of histamine poisoning across Spain including Andalucia and Murcia which affected 105 people and spread across four other European states.

So worried was the Health Authority of the Junta de Andalucia that when it discovered that two batches of bad tuna had come from the same company, it demanded the withdrawal of the suspect fish and informed the Guardia Civil.


After detailed investigation, it has emerged that so poor was the batch control in the suspect company that it was impossible to identify with certainty which batches had been delivered where but it was possible to confirm that six deliveries were almost certainly contaminated.

Furthermore, although the company had recently introduced plans for control of hygiene, it hadn’t actually complied with them, nor were there any records of conservation of the fish or length of time it had been stored.

In addition, it was discovered that the company was telling customers that the tuna had been caught in sustainable areas using special lines, when in fact it had been caught in nets.

If accusations are proven, those interviewed may be convicted of a crime against public health, false documentation and a further crime against consumers.


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