Spain needs rain as drought fears loom

PARCHED: Dead Bed Creek and trees of the Barrios de Luna Reservoir, Leon, Spain.

OFFICIAL figures have revealed the critically low water levels in reservoirs across Spain leading to worries of taps running dry and a drought being declared in some regions.

Despite moderate rainfall at the end of August the overall level of the country’s reservoirs  is just 41.24% – compared to 54.18%  in the same week in 2016.

The total capacity of the reservoirs across the country is 55,973 hm3 but the current level is 23,081 hm3 – down 441 hm3  on the previous week.


Some provinces are faring worse than others with Almeria (8.97%), Valencia  (21.62%), Granada (34.82%) and Malaga (38.23%), featuring towards the bottom of the tables.

At the other end of the scale are the provinces with an abundance of water in their reservoirs including Huelva (74.1%) the Asturias (71.71%).

The full list, by province, with the latest data (12 September 2017) is…

Province / Capacity of reservoirs /  Actual water level / Change compared to the previous reading


reservoir levels spain sept 2017


  1. Not only Spain, but large parts of the world have problems! Let’s not forget there is only 1%DRINKING water in the world. We should stop waisting water in a hurry. Lots of possibilities to save water. Do it!


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