Swedish man held over four Barcelona sex attacks


A SWEDISH tourist has been arrested in Barcelona for the alleged sexual assault of at least four women.

The twenty-five-year-old man was initially held last Friday in the Sants-Montjuïc area of the city after grabbing a woman who managed to scream for help.

The man fled when others rushed to the scene but two people chased and restrained him until police arrived.


He was charged for harassment but it was later revealed that he assaulted three other women in the city.

Police said in a statement that the he always acted in the same way, grabbing his victims from behind, covering their mouths with one hand and touching them inappropriately with his other. The man also became violent if the women forcefully resisted him and threw two of them to the ground.

The judge who handled the case jailed him on three counts of sexual assault, one instance of abuse and two of causing injury. 

The unnamed attacker is from Sweden’s western Götaland region, according to Swedish media reports.



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