Speedy the tortoise does a runner

Lauren Turner
REWARD: Worried owner is prepared to shell out for Speedy's safe return

A WORRIED pet-owner has offered to shell out a reward for the safe return for her tortoise that legged it during the recent storms on the Costa Blanca.

Lauren Turner said Speedy the tortoise went missing from near Sol Park  in the Moraira area of the Costa Blanca.

Her search left no stone unturned but has proved fruitless.


She said, “We love him and there is a reward for his return.

“He could be miles away!”

‘Missing’ posters have been put in vets’ surgeries and the police have been informed.

The reptiles generally travel slowly but can sometimes manage human walking speeds.

The fastest recorded tortoise speed is 5 mph (8.0 km/h), according to the Guinness World Records official site.  It was achieved by Bertie at Adventure Valley, Brasside, UK on 9 July 2014 and he’s even appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.


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