Car rams into crowded outside bar in Huelva

Smoke came from the car after the crash as a crowd surrounded the vehicle

PUNTERS were terrified they had been targeted by terrorists when a car ploughed into crowds outside a bar.

The incident occurred last Sunday September 3 in the southern city of Huelva, Spain at around 10.30pm. The bar was described as being packed with people, with many spilling out onto the street outside.

The crowd initially panicked when the car veered onto the pavement, fearing it to be a terror attack. Several people grabbed pieces of furniture to protect themselves.


Two men, aged 18 and 31, were injured at the scene and taken to hospital for treatment.

A video shot at the scene reveals pedestrians throwing chairs at the driver, before dragging him out of the vehicle. The perpetrator is then seen trying to make a run for it. Police have arrested the man but gave no further details on the charges he faces.

The incident comes as Spain remains on high alert following the two vehicle attacks last month in Catalonia, which left 16 people dead and over a hundred injured.

It has not been revealed why the driver careered off the road but police believe he may have acted out of revenge for a fight he was involved in earlier that night. 

The same incident from a different angle shows the driver attempting to flee the scene.


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