Malaga hospital slammed for ‘catastrophic’ state of accident and emergency department

Lifts have also reportedly not been working for certain floors

A HOSPITAL accident and emergency department is in a ´catastrophic´ state.

The Medical Union of Malaga (SMM) has blasted the city centre hospital, Carlos Haya for an array of flaws including:

Broken furniture; worn-out chairs; woodworm on door frames; broken decades-old floor tiles; faulty ventilation units; toilets strewn with litter; emergency doors that do not close properly and layers of grime and filth in certain areas.



Some lifts also do not go to certain floors    © @Druizfajula/Twitter 

The SMM are also dismayed that an area of the department that was renewed and renovated in 2016 is being used as a storeroom, claiming the works to be a waste of money as the hospital do not want to hire more staff.

Retaliating to these accusations, the hospital said:

“Those responsible for this union do not take into account the 287 urgent daily attendances performed in this hospital or the capacity to resolve this service.

The reformed area is a perfectly equipped space and is used for expansion in times of greater frequency.”


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