Malaga taxi drivers call an end to province-wide strike

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MALAGA’S taxi drivers have ended the province-wide strike called over the influx of Cabify cars from other regions.

Union representatives met with the Junta de Andalucia which agreed on placing restrictions on VTC – the license required to transport people for a fee – drivers, but the terms of the agreement will be further discussed in the next meeting in September.

A vote on whether to call off the strike or not went through with 466 in favour and 118 against, with many criticising that not enough of the unions proposals were accepted.


However an estimated €300 a day loss per driver whilst striking during holidays and the Feria de Malaga was putting pressure on representatives to find a quick compromise.

The president of the Andalucian Federation of Self-employed Taxis, Miguel Ruano, said it was “not the solution to all our problems, but we have a good feeling about it.”

There are currently 436 VTC licenses in Malaga, and 2,583 taxis, about one VTC driver for every six taxi drivers, but unions want to return to a 1:30 ratio.

A spokesman for the Junta said that it was “impossible” to reach that figure, but “measures both short and long term” will be put in place to head in a “good direction.”


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