Tasers fired in Benidorm home brew beach brawl

Cuberos facing off with police

A MASS brawl in Benidorm saw six police injured and tasers fired.

Officers battled against 20 cuberos (illegal alcohol vendors) who joined forces in an attempt to avoid arrest.

The combat began mid-morning on the beach of Levante, in the Rincon de Loix area as Local Police confronted two dodgy alcohol salesmen during a routine patrol.


As the arrest was taking place their comrades got involved and tensions heightened which resulted in a fight breaking out that involved as many as 26 people.

Police were forced to use taser pistols to restore order before the free-for-all got out of control,

All of the agents involved were injured but only one of them was admitted to hospital.

Two of the attackers were arrested who remain in police custody.

More local troops have been dispatched to the area as police have vowed not to give in to illegal vendors of any kind.


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