French police officers patrol the streets of Madrid and Malaga

National Police
French officers on patrol

AS part of an ongoing operation with between European police forces, French officers will join the National Police in patrolling areas of Madrid and Malaga.

The officers from the Police Nationale will spend two weeks in Spain during the busiest holiday fortnight offering advice and assistance to French speaking visitors whilst accompanying counterparts from Spain’s National Police.

This collaboration takes place thanks to a project known as European Commissariats, supported by the European Union.


The four officers deployed to Spain are Spanish-speaking with two attending the central district police station in Madrid and two at the Malaga police station.

Their functions range from uniformed patrols on foot or in vehicles in areas of greater tourist influence, to giving assistance to victims of crime, crime prevention or support in the completion of complaints.

It is believed that this initiative which has been running since 2008 not only assists foreign visitors but equally importantly brings members of police forces from different countries together to discuss ways of working.

31 officers from the National Police are also serving in France, Italy and Portugal.


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