Tourist spending in Spain tops €37 billion in first half of year

TOURIST SPENDING UP: Average spending per tourist stands at 1,065 euros

SPENDING by inbound tourists in Spain in the first half of 2017 amounted to 37.22 billion euros, a 14.8% rise on the same period last year, according to the Tourist Spending Survey, prepared by the National Statistics Institute.

The United Kingdom, is the top spender with 7.55 billion euros, (20.3% of the total), followed by Germany, with 5.36 billion (14.4%), and the Nordic countries, with 3.23 billion (8.7%).

Average spending per tourist stands at 1,065 euros, an annual rise of 2.9%. Furthermore, average daily spending has risen by 4.9% to stand at 143 euros.


In terms of destination by autonomous region, Catalonia received the highest level of spending, 8.18 billion euros, 14.8% more than in the first half of 2016, accounting for 22% of the total.

The Canary Islands received 7.91 billion euros of all spending, up 13%, accounting for 21.2% of the total, followed by Andalucia, with 5.61 billion, up 12.3% and accounting for 15.1% of the total. The other main destinations also posted rises.

The main destination tourist regions with the largest share of tourist spending in June were the Balearic Islands, with 2.13 billion euros (23.7% of the total), Catalonia, with 2.12 billion (23.6%) and Andalucia (with 1.33 billion (14.8%).


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