British teacher in Spain arrested on suspicion of distributing child pornography

Policia Nacional
HANDCUFFED: The British teacher is arrested by Spain's National Police

SPAIN’S National Police force has detained an English teacher for allegedly  secretly taking images of a sexual nature  and sharing them with paedophiles on a cloud  storage system.

Spanish police arrested the Manchester-born  man in Valladolid  after a tip-off from Interpol.

Police in Canada identified an email account that was being operated from Spain that was  sharing illegal files and alerted Spanish investigators. 

When Spanish police arrested the man they discovered computers with a large number of sexually explicit files of minors.

Among the material found there were also a myriad of erotic images of one of the teacher’s underage students that he appeared to have an obsession for.

Police are now working to  identify of all the victims represented in the images found on the computer.

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