WATCH: Almost 300 people evacuated as firefighters battle huge wildfire in southern Spain

HOT SPOT: Wildfire spreads quickly near Segura de la Sierra

TWENTY aircraft and more than 200 personnel are involved in tackling a massive wildfire affecting more than 500 hectares in the province of Jaen in Andalucia, southern Spain.

The blaze broke out near Segura de la Sierra on Thursday afternoon at about 6.45pm but spread rapidly.

According to the 112 emergency services more than 270 people have been evacuated from the area.


Four roads in the area have been  closed to facilitate fire-fighting efforts. These are the A-317-A, between kilometres 0 and 1, the JV-7032, which links Orcera with Los Colladicos, as well as JF-7038 and JF-7039.

As well as the Plan INFOCA fire-fighting operatives the Guardia Civil, Civil Protection volunteers, local police, meteorological experts and health services are also on the scene.


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