Weigh hey! Fruit and veg boost for Mercadona shoppers


MORE than 5 million Spanish and expatriate households who shop at the Mercadona supermarket chain will no longer have to weigh their fruit, vegetables and bread themselves.

The announcement comes as the Valencian brand follows up on an earlier promise to remodel its stores with a €1.8 billion cash injection.

A company statement said that the boost will help achieve its aim of “providing a better service to ease customers’ shopping by expanding the size of the fruit and vegatable sections, adding electronic scales to tills, and introducing two new kinds of trolley, both of which are light and ergonomic.”


The new look stores will also furnish staff with electronic devices such as tablets allowing them to share information from any part of the shop.

Although it will eventually be rolled out across the more than 1,600 Mercadona stores throughout Spain, an initial investment of €180 million will be spent on 126 supermarkets dotted around the country.


  1. Probably more to do with shoppers choosing a cheaper item and then producing a ticket for less than the real value and the til not knowing whether the item is what the label says and mercadona losing money, can’t imagine it’s for client convenience.


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