Body of missing three-year-old girl found with ‘head trauma’ on railway track in Pizarra

Family photograph
LUCIA: 600 people were involved in the late-night search

THE Guardia Civil are investigating the cause of a head trauma discovered on the body of a three-year-old girl who was found on train tracks seven kilometres away from where she went missing in Pizarra

According to reports, Lucia Vivar Hidalgo had a serious head injury. It was at the time of writing unknown if this was the cause of death.

Investigators are considering all posibilities, however the secretary for the Security of the State, Jose Antonio Nieto, has said signs are pointing to an accidental death. The theory is that Lucia fell asleep on the railway line or nearby and was then hit by a train.


“It seems that the accident hypothesis is being considered above the rest,” said Nieto

The young girls body, which does not show signs of being run over, has been taken to the Legal Medicine Institute in Malaga for an autopsy.

A Guardia Civil source told El Mundo “what we need to find out now is if the head trauma was caused by an accident, or if it was inflicted on her.”

The Guardia Civil, the Local Police of Pizarra and Cártama, Civil Protection members, volunteer firefighters and more than three hundred volunteers were involved in the search last night (July 26) after an urgent appeal for help by the mayor of Pizarra, Felix Lozano.

Search teams were co-ordinated by the town hall while they offered support to the parents too.

The little girl’s body was found the morning after on railway track by a train driver between Pizarra and Alora, some seven kilometres from where she went missing while having dinner with her parents in a restaurant.

Her parents say they last saw her playing with her cousins whilst they were eating and were distracted for just “two minutes” and she had vanished.



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