Serial child abuser held in Almeria

The suspect allegedly committed hundreds of crimes.

A FURIOUS father from Almeria has helped expose an alleged paedophile who may have abused hundreds of children in the province, as well as in Cadiz and Malaga.

Guardia Civil officers arrested the former youth camp monitor at his Cadiz home after acting on intelligence provided by colleagues in Almeria.

Officers found more than 5,000 sexually explicit photos and videos on the 26-year-old’s computer hard drive. An estimated 1,000 involved children.


They were tipped off by a man who found highly sexual messages on his child’s phone. The messages asked for photos of the girl’s private parts and also asked her physical questions about her friends.

They came from a man who once worked at a summer camp the girl attended in Malaga. Once investigators had this link they began an exhaustive search for the suspect, finally identifying their man, whose initials are AJDC.

The suspect has worked as a nurse and volunteer at summer camps across southern Spain since 2013. Police estimated that he had been in direct contact with at least 2,000 children during that time.

After conducting interviews and searching his phone conversations, officers believe he has contacted roughly 100 children by phone. At least 13 responded, complying with his request for graphic photos. Many of them are likely keeping the conversations secret.

The man is believed to have used his position to stay in the children’s dorms during the popular camps. He befriended many and took their phone numbers, added them on Facebook and asked them not to tell anyone about their relationship.


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