At least six alleged sexual assaults since the start of San Fermin festivities


AT LEAST six cases of sexual assault have been reported to police since the start of the San Fermin festivities in Pamplona.

A 34-year-old man was arrested on the first day over claims he had groped a woman and was swiftly found guilty and fined €2,880. He was also required to pay €500 in compensation to the victim.

Similarly on the second day, two men were arrested again for allegedly groping women during the celebrations. One of the men admitted his guilt while another denies the allegations and is set to appear in court on July 19.


Two more women claimed they were groped on the third day and another person was arrested according to authorities.

Reports of sexual assault during the San Fermin celebrations have been increasing exponentially, with four cases of rape reported in five days in the 2016 festivities, however experts believe many are still not coming forwards.

Pamplona’s Council has a victim support program set up to encourage victims of sexual assault to come forwards.

More than 13 people have been hospitalised during the bull runs including several Americans and one Briton.  


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