Madrid doctor behind the kidnapping of Dutch businessman


A DOCTOR at the Mostoles Hospital in Madrid has been arrested after kidnapping and sedating a businessman.

The 34-year-old kidnapper, Eduard Andrei Iosif, studied at the Madrid Royal School of Dramatic Art before pursuing a career in medicine.

He recruited three Romanians and a Latin American man with the aim of extorting money from the Dutch entrepreneur.


The kidnappers, disguised as policemen, ambushed the victim outside his home in Gerona. According to national police, the group beat him and forced him into the boot of their car at gunpoint.

A hundred kilometres into their journey the abductors changed cars and drugged the businessman with barbiturates that Losif had stolen from the hospital.

After taking the target to a safe house in Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo, the accused called his wife and demanded a ransom of €1.5 million.

“Give us the money or we will shoot him in the head,” he threatened.

Investigators located the gang after they discovered a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects in Toledo.

Officers have arrested the five kidnappers and freed the victim, who was taken to hospital after being drugged for 11 consecutive days. 


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