Anti bull fighting demos organised by activists in Pamplona

A scene from this morning’s protest in Pamplona

FOR the fourteenth year running, Spanish pressure group AnimaNaturalis and international animal rights group PETA have organised a protest against bull fighting in Pamplona.

This morning, Wednesday July 5, the day before the start of the San Fermin festival saw 100 activists from Spain and Europe stand semi-naked in the city, wearing bull horns with their bodies covered in fake blood and hand written slogans.

Their action against bull fighting is part of the Sanfermin Sin Sangre campaign organised by the Spanish animal rights group and their petition which now has more than 150,000 signatures can be viewed at


The appearance of a large number of semi-naked people covered in fake blood guarantees coverage in the press and on social media and they claim that their actions have helped to see a decrease in the number and regularity of bullfights despite the fact that it is supported by the government.


  1. Well done, this really needs to end. I dont think there is much sympathy any more for morons who get gored while tormenting these poor animals


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