‘Crazy track suit’ killer strikes again in Sevilla

Guardia Civil
Police arrest the alleged felon

THE GUARDIA Civil has arrested a 52-year-old man in Sevilla over the attempted murder of two pensioners.

The accused, initialled MGG, had been released from prison in 2013 from his 169 year sentence after benefitting from the repeal of the Parot Doctrine which prevented the early release of serious criminals.

He was originally charged with murder, attempted murder, homicide, physical assault and sexual assault, across 16 victims.


The two victims, aged 63 and 67, were allegedly trapped in their homes whilst MGG poured petrol through the windows and set it alight. Police officers had to knock down the neighbour’s door to save the victims.

Prior to his release, residents at his hometown held demonstrations asking for his re-entry into prison after he was diagnosed with a psychiatric illness and doctors said he was likely to reoffend. 


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