Marihuana plantation shut down in Almeria

Guardia Civil
GREENHOUSE: Police undercover clandestine marijuana plantation.

A CATTLE ranch which doubled as a marihuana plantation was raided by the Guardia Civil.

Police seized a total of 192 plants as well as elaborate electrical, air conditioning and irrigation systems.

The farm is located just outside of Lucainena de las Torres, famed as one of Spain’s prettiest villages. The owner of the property, a 53-year-old male, was arrested on site.

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Police sources had tipped officers off to the presence of a marihuana greenhouse around the area. They conducted searches of several farms and grew suspicious when they saw one using a generator constantly through day and night.

The sophisticated set-up also included halogen lamps, drip irrigation, refrigeration tubes and filters to mask the smell, often a dead giveaway to police.


  1. Quite. this world has gone mad when people are arrested for growing a plant, given to us by nature, which has more medical benefits than we can even start to understand and which can be used to remove contamination from poor land and many other purposes. It´s a complete waste of time and criminalising people who grow this is just pathetic. Go and catch some real criminals. Not just here in Spain of course, the morons are everywhere.


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