60% of Brits want to keep their EU citizenship poll finds


SIX out of ten Britons want to keep their European Union citizenship after Brexit according to research led by the London School of Economics (LSE).

The study found that many would be prepared to pay large sums of money to retain their rights to live,work,study and travel in the EU.

This was most common among 18 to 24-year-olds, 85 per cent of which want to retain their EU citizenship as well as their British one.


The findings come as pressure on Theresa May mounts to pull back from her plans for a ‘hard Brexit’ and seek a deal that maintains the strongest possible trade and other links after the UK leaves the bloc in 2019.

Michael Bruter, professor of political science and European politics at the LSE, said the research showed that young people in particular were “very unhappy”  with potentially losing rights they regarded as fundamental.

Respondents said they would be prepared to pay sums of more than €461 to keep their rights.

“They would paradoxically be willing to pay far more than they currently do (compared with the current per capita contribution made by UK citizens to the EU budget) to retain those rights,” he said.



  1. So the LSE conducted a poll. Of students? Of under 25s? Of working people? Of how many,and where? How many counties were represented? Who paid for this poll (the taxpayers!),and who commissioned it?(not the taxpayers!).

  2. The problem is it doesn’t matter if you are stupid, you can write anything you want and someone will publish it!

    As a British citizen I lived, worked & traveled European countries before they were members of the EU, why would that change if as a citizen from a non-EU countries I would be stopped? Funny, last time I looked Spain was full of ppl living, working & traveling from non-EU countries…. just more bull to publish so to create news!


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