What does your birth month say about your health?

BIRTH MONTH: There was found to be a significant impact for some conditions.

RESEARCHERS from the University of Alicante say they believe that your birth month could be related to what illnesses and diseases may afflict you.

The scientists carried out the study on 30,000 people and mapped birth months to 27 chronic diseases to see if it made a difference to long-term health, and said they found there was a significant impact for some conditions.

For example men who were born in September were almost three times more likely to suffer thyroid problems than those born in January.

Their study follows one from Columbia University researchers who found similar results in a study they conducted in 2015.

So what does your birth month potentially tell you about your health and what ailments could you be more prone to?


Men; constipation, stomach ulcer and low back pain while for women, they are more likely to suffer from migraine, menopause problems and heart attack.


Men; thyroid problems, heart conditions and osteoarthritis. Women; osteoarthritis, thyroid problems and blood clots.


Men; cataracts, heart conditions and asthma. Women; arthritis, rheumatism, constipation.


Men; asthma, osteoporosis, thyroid problems. Women; osteoporosis, tumours and bronchitis.


Men; depression, asthma and diabetes. Women; chronic allergies, osteoporosis and constipation.


Men; heart conditions, cataracts and chronic bronchitis. Women; incontinence, arthritis and rheumatism.


Men; arthritis, asthma and tumours. Women; chronic neck pain, asthma and tumours.


Men; asthma, osteoporosis, thyroid problems. Women; blood clots, arthritis and rheumatism.


Men; asthma, osteoporosis, thyroid problems. Women; osteoporosis, thyroid problems and malignant tumours.


Men; thyroid problems, osteoporosis and migraines. Women; high cholesterol, osteoporosis, anaemia.


Men; chronic skin issues, heart conditions, thyroid problems. Women; constipation, heart attack, varicose veins.


Men; cataracts, depression, heart condition. Women; chronic bronchitis, asthma and blood clots.


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