PUPPY-PROOFING your home protects your possessions from damage and your new pet from unexpected harm.

With a little forethought and effort, you can make your house a safe habitat for your new friend while keeping your sanity and maintaining the relationship.

Consider these steps. How should I prepare my home for our new puppy?


Take the following measures: Keep all poisonous or hazardous items out of your puppy’s reach.

This includes cleansers, gardening products, insect sprays, medications and any other harmful items.

Puppies can be quite persistent; make sure yours can’t get to anything by jumping or nosing open a cabinet door. Do your best to make electrical and phone cords inaccessible.

Research your plants. Many common household plants are hazardous to dogs. Make sure harmful plants are out of reach and that leaves won’t fall where your puppy can reach them.

Make sure your puppy can’t access any dangerous areas. Consider everywhere your puppy can reach.

Can he fit through railings on the stairs or on a deck and possibly fall?

If so, you may need to cover the openings with chicken wire until he’s larger.

How can I protect our possessions?

Eager, active pups don’t have a concept of how expensive your household objects are. Prevent accidents by:

Removing expensive rugs and throws until your puppy is older and house trained. Moving waste bins, toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, etc, that are within reach.

Keeping children’s toys out of reach or in chests with latches.

What puppy supplies should I have on hand?

Prepare for puppy with the following: A safe and comfortable place for your puppy to sleep.

A crate/den/playpen for when you are out Puppy food, dishes and toys.

Cleaning supplies for those inevitable accidents.

Collar, leash and pooper scooper.

Plan ahead and be prepared for your puppy’s homecoming to make the first days with your new companion less stressful and more enjoyable.

Let the puppy sleep in your bedroom for the first week in his secured box and gradually move him to another room.

Because you won’t need to worry about your possessions, you can focus on getting to know him.


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