Death toll rises to three in multi-vehicle crash in Torremolinos

EWN Media Group
The lorry involved (left) and one of the cars involved in between the emergency services vehicles

A MULTI-VEHICLE pile-up on the A-7 in Torremolinos has left three people dead and four injured.

Witnesses say one car was lifted into the air after a lorry crashed into the back of it.

Reports say the accident occurred where a slip road merges onto the A-7 heading towards Marbella.


The first victim died instantly in the crash.

Two of the victims, a 26-year-old man and 30-year-old woman, both suffered severe cranial traumas and did not survive their first night in Carlos Haya Hospital.

One person remains in a serious condition in hospital, while the other two are stable, but have suffered several injuries such as broken bones.



  1. Its about time the Spanish government started a re-education program for Spanish Drivers. The Spanish are lovely people but behind the wheel of a car they are just crazy. Ok! some ex pats are no better. But the Spanish have no concept or awareness of danger. When they approach a roundabout or a stop sign they have no intention of slowing down or stopping. Its full speed ahead. Little wonder there are so many accidents.


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