Soaked and bedraggled fugitive hands himself in to Gibraltar police

National Crime Agency
Jason ‘Jugs’ Waterman

THE National Crime Agency in the UK has reported that a wanted man, Jason Waterman has surrendered to police in Gibraltar after seeing himself on Crimewatch.

The 32-year-old known as Jugs or Jumbo presented himself to the Royal Gibraltar Police last night, dripping wet with salt water, carrying a small bag of clothing and refusing to say how he entered the Territory other than it was not through the usual crossing point.

It has been assumed therefore that he must have entered the sea in Spain and swam across to Gibraltar, possibly because he had inadequate identification.

He is now in police custody awaiting extradition under a European Arrest Warrant as he is believed to have been involved with the importation of seven kilos of cocaine worth €1.25 million from Holland to an airfield in Yorkshire in 2015.


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