Miro painting fetches huge price in London auction

Woman and Bird: Miro sculpture in Barcelona

A WORK of art created by Joan Miro was sold for £24.57 million (€27.8 million) at an auction organised by Sotheby´s in London yesterday.

The well known Catalan artist created the piece called “Femme et Oiseaux” (Woman and Birds) as part of his collection, “Constellations”. The painting fetched this large sum of money despite its 38cm x 46cm size.

Miro was active in the art community throughout the 20th century until his death in 1983 and was a leading Spanish surrealist in the time of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

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“Constellations” is recognised as one of his greatest collections and can be seen as a form of escapism throughout the 1930s and 1940s when the political situation across Europe deeply disturbed the artist.

Miro was living in France when he began the collection but fled back to Spain before the Nazi occupation of Paris and settled in Palma de Mallorca where it was finished. Mallorca became the artist´s permanent residency until his death.

In the same auction “Bild Mit Weissen Linien” (Picture with White Lines) by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky sold for €33 million. 


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