Three arrested in Madrid on suspicion of Daesh links

National Police
Terror suspect arrested in Madrid

THREE men with Moroccan citizenship were arrested this morning in Madrid under suspicion of having terrorist links.

It is believed one suspect, aged 32, is affiliated to Daesh and is highly dangerous. A statement by Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido highlighted that although there is no evidence to suggest an imminent attack was being planned, this individual was sufficiently radicalised and trained to make him a threat. 

The trio shared an apartment in Las Delicias, Madrid where it is thought the other two men, aged 33 and 38 respectively, were in training to carry out acts of violence in Spain.

A collection of extremist material was seized in the residence, including literature containing radical ideology and manuals on how to carry out both physical and cyber attacks.

These arrests follow the ramped up security precautions in the build up to the World Pride festival taking place in Madrid from Friday, in which extra vigilance is being taken to track those with suspected terror links.


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