Police quash La Linea people trafficking organisation


THIS WEEK National Police have detained five alleged members of a criminal organization dedicated to trafficking Chinese women in Barcelona.

The investigation began a year ago following the arrests of two Chinese nationals in La Linea de la Concepcion. Both were travelling to Gibraltar from Malaysia using counterfeit passports. The search led police to an organisation that sexually exploited Chinese women in Spain.

Police have issued a statement detailing that the victims had lived in the same place they were abused, available 24-hours a day, and were not allowed to leave. Victims were only moved when organisers brought different women in order to vary the supply available to clients and to increase profit yield.


The accused, four Chinese nationals and a Spanish man, had been responsible for the selection, distribution and advertisement of the victims. Their belongings have now been seized and are currently being analysed.

The operation is part of the 2013 National Police Plan against the Trafficking of Human Being for Sexual Exploitation, which has seen the annual release of an estimated 700 victims according to a study carried out by a Non-Governmental Organisation.



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