Drowning man rescued by police officer

National Police
Officer being taken to hospital

A MIDDLE-AGED man was pulled from the middle of the Guadalquivir River, Cordoba by a passing National Police  officer whose quick reaction was instrumental in saving his life.

An officer patrolling near the river on a motorbike heard a noise in the river and immediately dismounted before heading to the bank on foot.

Upon arrival the officer discovered a man in the river 30 metres away. After informing his colleagues of the situation he removed his belt and in full uniform swam out to the stricken individual, who was unconscious.

Against the current the officer dragged the man back to dry land where more police were waiting. After successfully expelling the water from his lungs allowing him to breathe, paramedics arrived to take over.

The victim was transported to the main hospital in Cordoba along with the officer who was treated for exhaustion. 


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