Confusion surrounding Marbella’s Starlite Festival

Ayuntamiento de Marbella
Javier Porcuna

THE controversy over the Starlite Festival which is due to start in less than one month continues with the intervention of officials from Malaga Province.

It has been maintained by the Marbella Council for several months that no actual licence allowing the performances has been issued as there are problems with environmental issues concerning the building of permanent structures without permission in Nagueles.

A formal complaint has been entered by the Malaga Council also on the grounds that any building work was to be temporary and removable after the festival had finished but the company behind the festival had ignored these restrictions.

The area is considered to be of environmental importance that may not be developed as it is within a forest and all permanent structures including walls, paving stones, concrete and other fixed work must be demolished.

According to a TV statement by Marbella Council spokesman Javier Porcuna, no authority has been given for the festival performance in 2017 and will not be issued until the required demolition takes place.

The inference is that if the permanent works are taken down, then the Marbella Council is likely to extend the 2016 permit to allow the festival to go ahead as the number of visitors who attend the festival and the amount of work generated is importance for revenue and promotional purposes.


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