Explosive material discovered in a shed in Barcelona

Guardia Civil
Just some of the discovered material

ACTING upon information received, officers of the Guardia Civil found a huge cache of weapons in a shed in Barcelona.

Apart from the fact that possession of so much ordnance without permission was illegal, much of it was quite old and potentially unstable and could have caused considerable damage to the neighbourhood if any of it had exploded.

Officers discovered a number of firearms, almost 13,000, hand grenades, mines, detonators, anti-aircraft projectiles, mortar shells, fuses, flares and gunpowder.


Specialist explosive experts were called in to remove much of the material for examination and deactivation, whilst the firearms were taken to a local Giardia Civil armoury.

As yet, there has been no explanation of why so much material had been collected and what it was being held for.



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