Large demonstration about smuggling and associated violence

Ayuntamiento de La Linea
Some of the many protesters

SOME 3,000 people turned up with the mayor of La Linea de la Concepcion to protest about the lawlessness in the town caused by smuggling.

They were joined by the mayors of San Roque and Los Barrios as well as the national government’s delegate in Andalucia as well as the Cadiz authority following the death of Local Police officer Victor Sanchez and the continued problems with drug smugglers in particular.

La Linea is an area which combines relative tranquillity with significant poverty and whilst it has always had an association with smuggling particularly because of the cheaper tobacco prices in Gibraltar, recently with the crackdown on sale of cigarettes on the Rock, drug smuggling has become more prevalent and more violent.

Local police unions have commented on the easy availability of new Guardia Civil and National Police officers for work on the border with Gibraltar and the lack of resources within La Linea to deal with smuggling and violence which involves locals and ‘imported’ criminals.


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