Battered, bothered and bewildered by a boring election campaign

BORING CAMPAIGN: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

WHAT a boring, unexciting election campaign we had overall! But it’s sad that, initially at least, Theresa May had to resort to personal smears on the opposition leader in an attempt to garner votes.

She made a fundamental mistake in attacking Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity.

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Every attack she made gave him credibility and the impression that not being Mr Corbyn was the only policy that she had – other than negotiating ‘aggressively’ on Brexit.

As for Corbyn and the Labour party, for those of us who recall growing up at the end of the 70’s when the trade unions brought their own ‘coalition of chaos’ to the UK, and Labour’s economic incompetence gave rise to spiralling inflation, it’s beyond belief that they nonetheless seemed happy to foist on younger generations a multibillion-pound debt with their wild promises and ‘magic money tree.’

Well, remember the economic mismanagement of a previous Labour government?

Step forward Mr Gordon Brown, ‘saviour of the world.’ And nearly destroyer of Britain. And as for Corbyn’s admission that the UK’s involvement in Middle Eastern and North African wars has been a factor in breeding terrorism, step forward Mr Tony Blair.

If this were the end of a full five-year term of office, the Conservatives would have been facing a landslide against them for their incompetence on most levels with Theresa May a liability.

This, though, was an election for socialism of 1945 versus Conservatism and things should have been in the Conservatives’ favour, what with a controversial Labour Party, a controversial Labour leader and a ‘wish list manifesto.’

In the final analysis, which is better: an incompetent Conservative government or the alternatives on offer?

Well, whatever your choice it just goes to show that this was a negative election. There was no positive sounding of hope anywhere.

The vote will inevitably be for the least bad option. So, a negative election with little hope and probably higher taxes whoever’s elected.

Actually, probably one of the most negative, depressing, unimpressive campaigns of the past 20 years. Even Major was more exciting – something I never thought I’d write …

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