Madrid installs gay-friendly traffic lights for World Pride 2017

MADRID: LGBT-friendly traffic lights

MADRID’S City Council has begun installing new LGBT-friendly traffic lights at a cost of €21,747 ahead of the World Pride event in the city that will run from June 23 to July 2.

The new signs feature images of same sex couples walking hand-in-hand or standing and will be installed at 72 pedestrian crossings across all districts of the city.

Madrid is the second Spanish city that has adopted the new signs after San Fernando de Henares marked last year’s Valentine’s Day with the new lights.

The World Pride event could significant economic impact on Madrid according to authorities. Toronto, the city that hosted the event last year, reported a positive economic impact that exceeded 719 million euros.


  1. Surely Spain as a country emerging from years of recession would have better things they could spend the money on !!!

    Anyway, where are heterosexual people supposed to cross the road now 🙂


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