100 kilo tuna mistaken for human corpse in Marbella

National Police
WHERE'S WALLY: Massive tuna was mistaken for human murder victim

A HORRIFIED witness called police when they saw four men carry what seemed to be a lifeless body in a bin bag at Puerto Banus late at night. Officers raced to the scene and detained the men. A port wide emergency search was activated to recover the corpse.

It was soon found, dumped unceremoniously in a food storage room. And it wasn’t a human body. Rather it belonged to an enormous 111kg bluefin tuna.

With its incredible size and weight the monstrous fish could easily be mistaken for a murder victim, especially being concealed in a black bag at close to midnight on the docks.

Police questioned the quartet, two of whom were local fishermen. They concluded they had illegally caught the heavily protected fish from a private pleasure boat, hoping to sell it to a local restaurant for a handsome profit.

Bluefin tuna are among the largest and most endangered marine species in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Some can weigh more than 300kg. Police donated the caught tuna to a care centre for disabled people in Marbella rather than letting it go to waste.


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