WATCH: Over 178,000 sign petition to save four-year-old cow in Catalonia

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A PETITION to save an unregistered cow named Margarita from being killed by Catalan authorities has amassed over 178,000 signatures.

The four-year-old bovine was gifted to a farmer in the town of Tortosa as a calf and has occupied the same field ever since, becoming popular with locals who bring grass to feed her.

However, regional agricultural officials say that she has never been registered, has no veterinary records and must be slaughtered under EU directives, with a deadline set for Friday June 2.

The owner of the land is also to be fined €3,000 for failing to obtain the required documentation.

Animal Rights group Hogar Provegan are behind the online campaign, and have also organised new accommodation for Margarita at a local animal sanctuary.

“There is a law in the European Economic Community that seeks to ensure that all unidentified cattle are killed, but Margarita has never or will never be used as livestock. She’s not to be exploited, but she’s a pet,” they say.

The petition can be found here, and a video of Margarita at the sanctuary is below.

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