Migrants saved from drowning off the coast of Africa

Guardia Civil
Guardia Civil officers assisting an exhausted migrant

TWO off duty divers from the Guardia Civil who were fishing in waters off of Melilla spotted a crowded boat about one mile from shore.

Realizing that the overcrowded vessel was almost certainly in trouble and was probably full of migrants, they contacted Special Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) which immediately sent out one of its official boats.

As the officers were approaching the migrant’s boat, it overturned and deposited all of those on board into the water, with many of those who had capsized unable to swim.

The four officers in the official boat and the two off duty officers immediately dived in to the sea and started to rescue those in danger and helped them on board the GEAS vessel.

24 young men in total were rescued, all of whom were of sub-Saharan origin and a number were suffering having swallowing water.

First aid was given on board and then  once they were docked by the emergency services with five being transferred to hospital.

It is believed that at least one young man disappeared underwater but searches of the area did not discover a body. 



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